Deniece Wildschut

Rainy Days


Silly little drops of rain
where did you come from?
In your water I remain
while I breathe your tears,
share your fateā€¦
Silly little drops of rain,
how long must I wait
for you to dance within my hands,
in the shimmering light…
of the sweet full moon
in the silence of the night?

Where have you gone,
my little friends?
You were here not long ago…
Silly little drops of rain,
how can I not know?
Your water sooths the restless mind,
the heart poisoned with fear.
Innocence became a dream,
though I still hold it dear.
This desert, dry. This empty land…
It fights during the day.
You silly little drops of rain,
it cannot stay that way!

Fall upon us with your sympathy.
Understand our pain.
We are only human…

Silly little drops of rain.



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