Deniece Wildschut

The messenger

To have a message is to pretend.
It is a result of thought, a product of the mind
and therefore it cannot contain true wisdom.
It might be knowledge, but nothing more
otherwise our life itself would be the message,
received or noticed by those who are open to it,
stumble upon it, because it is somehow useful to them.
A real message is never deliberately delivered,
never unsolicited, never forced upon another.
It is present, without purpose or reason.
It is not a product of knowledge but of experience.
It is no goal, for it is a journey.
It has no beginning and it has no end.
It isn’t omniscient, it isn’t entrenched.
It is alive and therefore it changes.
It is the perception of the receiver
that creates the ‘message’, as it is taken in,
so there is no message, there is only movement.
It is life. It is presence.

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